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Veronica Roberge, Professional Organizer, Castegar, Nelson, Trail


Your initial consultation can happen over the phone or via email. If your consultation is over the phone I will ask that you take as many photos of the area you want me to work on and send it to my e-mail at or text to 778-633-0030

The general consultation will include me:

  • asking about your goals/vision for the space,

  • discussing organization solutions you may have not been aware of and

  • coming up with a plan.

Please bring all your ideas/photos to the initial consultation.

After this consultation I will be able to give you a quote on how long the service will be. For larger projects, I may correspond after the appointment via e-mail or in-person at the office to make sure you get exactly what you want.   

Veronica Roberge, Professional Organizer, Castegar, Nelson, Trail


There is not much the client needs to worry about before the appointment day, however here are some suggestion:

  • Ensure all organizational supplies are purchased and set aside for the appointment day (if client is purchasing)

  • Ensure that there will be one person home at the time of the appointment(s)

  • Having boxes on-site for donation/selling. 

  • Ensure there is floor space for me to organize in. I don't need much space, however I tend to use the available floor. 

  • Having cleaning supplies handy (garbage bags, dusting supplies, hand towels to clean off shelves, ect.)

Veronica Roberge, Professional Organizer, Castegar, Nelson, Trail


Finally organization day is here, how exciting! 
I will ensure I am prompt and show up at my scheduled time. If I am lost/late I will call the number on file to inform you. 
I will bring all the supplies (if applicable) into the house to the available floor space. 
I will need one client to be available throughout the appointment. I want to make sure no item(s) that mean of sentimental value to you is accidentally thrown-out. Your help will also be needed to help me decide if an item stays or goes for donation/re-sell. The available client is more than welcome to be doing something else while I organize, but please do not go too far if I have a question. 
If you start getting overwhelmed or while organizing you become emotional, please know I will stop what I am doing so we can talk about it.
If we are near the end of the appointment and you want more time, no worries! We can have a quick discussion and I can keep on going. When scheduling, each organizing session is given their own day. That means you can relax knowing I don't have to rush away to another client at the end of your session if you want me to continue organizing.

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