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Veronica Roberge, Mo' Better Organized, Professional Organizer


Owner and Founder

My name is Veronica Roberge and I am the owner of Mo’ Better Organized, a professional organizer and consultant. I have recently moved from Ontario to British Columbia, I am quite happy to call the Interior my home. Being raised by house-flippers has nurtured my knowledge for organization and design. I discovered my passion for organization, staging and minimalism at an early age and want to help others who strive for the same lifestyle.  

Regardless of the project size, I would be honored to help organize your space. I understand that it can be embarrassing to call an organizer and I want you to be rest-assured that I find joy in bringing a messy place to order. There is also nothing in your home that can surprise me. I have seen hoarding, water damage, mold, feces and weapons (just to name a few). I will be excited to help you on your clutter-free journey.

If you are ready to sell your home and don’t know where to start, I am also here to help. Through a variety of services, I can help organize your home so that potential buyers can see all the beauty and the space that your home has to offer. I also can help organize you for packing and/or help you plan your new space in your new home. The possibilities are endless.


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