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Veronica Roberge, Professional Organizer, Castegar, Nelson, Trail


All supplies, decor and furniture are to be purchased at an additional cost by the client. After the initial consultation, I will give you a list of items for you to purchase and give suggestions on where to buy the products. If you would like me to purchase the supplies I would be more than happy to, for the cost of the supplies plus travel time.


As we get declutter, some items maybe still in good shape to be donated or re-sell.


We can either set the item(s) aside for you to donate to a local thrift store or I would be more than happy to donate the item(s) for an additional 1 hour of work. 


Unfortunately, there are no local consignments stores where I can drop off your item(s). However, you are more than welcome to re-sell the item(s) on an online or paper-based market place (example: Facebook Marketplace, Kijiji, PennyWise).


Mo' Better Organized Accepts:


-Credit card (fees apply)


Please ensure there is ample parking on-site for your organizer on your appointment time/day. If a parking pass is required, please have one ready for your organizer. If there is only meter parking available, please note the client will be charge meter rate. If for any reason I am towed or receive a parking ticket, the client is responsible for payment. 

Larger items or deliveries may require more space/room. If for any reason a delivery cannot be made for the appointment day the organizer will contact you directly to discuss your options. 


At Mo' Better Organized I take pride at keeping your services confidential and professional. During the initial consultation you will receive a confidentiality agreement which outlines how we keep your information safe. 

You will also be given a form for permission to take photos or video. Please note that any photos or video taken on your property will not contain any unique identification (for example: family photos, family name, company logos, etc). 

As mentioned before, nothing can phase me. Trust me when I say I've "seen it all", so rest assured your clutter will be tackled with poise and professionalism. If at any point you feel uncomfortable or do not want me enter a certain area/touch a certain thing, please let me know. 

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