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White In-Drawer Organizers- Multiple sizes

White In-Drawer Organizers- Multiple sizes

For all your in-drawer organizing needs! 

Transparent and visible, easy to find objects. Organizer are easy to wash and are made using nylon.

Size Variation:

Bra box- 6 Grids 32*32*12cm

Panty box- 7 Grids 32*12*12cm

Leggings box- 7 Grids 36*17*12cm

Socks box- 11 Grids 32*12*12cm

Jeans box- 7 Grids 36*25*20cm

T-shirt box- 9 Grids 32*25*17cm

Colour: WHITE

Measurements were done manually and may be off by 0.5-1cm

Purchase online, Pick-up in store only

No returns on in-store items

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