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Mindfulness Workshop April 6th, 2024

Mindfulness Workshop April 6th, 2024

We are inviting anyone in the Castlegar area to attend the free Mindfulness Workshop at the Grateful Table (Castlegar, BC) on April 6th from 5:00-6:30 PM PST. 


The workshop will include 2 key speaker sessions and a candle wax decorating activity while you listen. 


Session One: How to declutter your space to declutter your mind

This session will be a presentation by Veronica, the owner of Mo' Better Organized. Dive deep and learn about tips and tricks on how to declutter and organize various spaces. At the end there will be an opportunity for audience questions and answers. 


Session Two: Soothing the soul with guided meditation and tarot card reading

While Session One is happening, enjoy at the same time Tarot by Shannon as she pulls one tarot card for each person and explains the card privately. After Session One, Shannon will guide everyone on a beautiful meditation. 

Activity: Candle- Wax decorating

Enjoy decorating a white candle with different coloured wax while you listen to each session. Be creative and have fun! 


All supplies and session are free. Limited seating and registration is mandatory. Food and Drinks not included. 

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